Tap for Fun: Color Jump Up for Android

  1. Download the APK file:  http://app.iselong.com/android/JumpUp.apk
  2. Download from Google Play: (click the button below)

:Google Play

#Color Jump Up# is a funny game, your task is jump to collect the stars, avoid other colors.

How to play?
* Tap to bounce the ball carefully through the matching colors, pass carefully and gather diamonds.

* Hit the high score and race with others on leaderboard.

* Touch on screen and alway keep the color jump on sky.
* When meet the same as color, fast tap to help the color jump avoid other colors.
* Don’t touch too fast or too slow, otherwise you will die.
* Get more stars and comparing the score on Leaderboard with your friend.

How long can you keep playing Color Jump ?
Color Jump is great 2D game, play with friend now!


Tap for Fun: Shape Switch for iPhone & Android

  1. Download the Android APK file:  http://app.iselong.com/android/ShapeSwitch.apk
  2. Download from Google Play: (click the button below)

:Google Play



How to play?
Tap screen to change your shape and pass through the doors.
You have 3 kinds of shapes: Sphere, Triangle and Rectangle. And there are 3 kinds of doors on the wall. Tap screen to switch the shapes to fit the doors.

If the shape doesn’t fit the door, you lose.
If the shape and the door is the same, you earn a point.

Your shape will move forward following the floor, in zig zag, and fast.


Download the iPhone/iPad version:  Tap for Fun: Shape Switch