Tap for Fun: Color Jump Up for Android

  1. Download the APK file:  http://app.iselong.com/android/JumpUp.apk
  2. Download from Google Play: (click the button below)

:Google Play

#Color Jump Up# is a funny game, your task is jump to collect the stars, avoid other colors.

How to play?
* Tap to bounce the ball carefully through the matching colors, pass carefully and gather diamonds.

* Hit the high score and race with others on leaderboard.

* Touch on screen and alway keep the color jump on sky.
* When meet the same as color, fast tap to help the color jump avoid other colors.
* Don’t touch too fast or too slow, otherwise you will die.
* Get more stars and comparing the score on Leaderboard with your friend.

How long can you keep playing Color Jump ?
Color Jump is great 2D game, play with friend now!


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