Tap & Jump! for Android

  1. Download the APK file:  http://app.iselong.com/android/FlappyBalls.apk
  2. Download from Google Play: (click the button below)

:Google Play


#Tap & Jump!# features:
1. One-touch gameplay with sleek, minimalist graphics.
2. It is a classic “flappy” style game mixed with color matching skill.
3. It will test your reaction time and reflexes!
4. How far can you go style.

How to play:
1. Tap your dot and navigate your way through the designated color in which your dot is!
2. Your dot will switch colors once you successfully pass through the obstacle.
3. React quickly, if you make a mistake, you will start over!
4. Play for hours to improve your reaction time and reflexes 🙂



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